Saturday, June 29, 2013

What the Other Side Says

The conservative Catholic publication, The Remnant, offers this analysis.  Synopsis: Blame Justice Kennedy because he is a REALLY REALLY bad Catholic and the Church should punish him.

From conservative Catholic mom Kendra at Catholic All Year, "An open letter to my facebook friends" is here.  Synopsis: I don't want to make you uncomfortable, but you (my Catholic friends) need to love the sinner a little less and hate the sin a little more.

A statement from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints here. Synopsis: SCOTUS hates democracy, and traditional marriage today, traditional marriage tomorrow, traditional marriage forever.

From the Family Research Council: FAQs on the re-definination of marriage here, and a roundup of FRC press statements here.  Synopsis: Public opinion will now turn against gay marriage, as Americans  observe the devastating consequences of gay marriage (specific examples TBA).

National Organization for Marriage: "What you can do today to help save marriage" is here.  Synopsis: We didn't totally lose and now we're taking it to the people with our quixotic drive for a constitutional amendment to define marriage as between one man and one woman.

Concerned Women of America responds here.  The money quote (and writing that makes me chortle like a 14-year-old boy): "Five Justices of the Supreme Court have just compromised the entire initiative process with this decision."

Analysis from MASSResistance here, with a particularly interesting section towards the end titled "How the pro-family movement botched these cases." Synopsis: The "pro-family movement" needs to take the gloves off and stop pretending they are cool with gay people and shit.

From Southern Baptist Russell Moore here. Synopsis: We are all sinners in the hands of an angry God, and if God is angry at the gays, don't worry he's also angry at you.

Pinterest board for Marriage: One Man One Woman Only! here.  Findings: for as much as conservatives seem to love pinterest, the anti-gay marriage pins seems sadly lacking.

And, of course, there is Call2Fall, an organization asking Christians to beg God's forgiveness for sin-y stuff (I'm not quite sure).  I'm just going to let the graphic do the talking (you should really check it out) here.

In my personal conservative blog watch, I've observed that the conservative chatter specifically about/against gay marriage has declined a lot since 2007 and the 2nd Bush election.  Some anti-gay marriage folks are really wrestling to reconcile their religious teachings with compassion for the actual gay people they know.  I would characterize the people who are posting in this vein as "the crisis of the compassionate conservative."

Other people who aren't posting publicly don't wish to appear publicly mean-spirited by expressing their beliefs, and some don't wish to open themselves up to public mocking, ridicule, or accusations.  Examples from The Loveliest Hour, C. Jane Kendrick, and an older post from the Prop 8 fight by Elizabeth Esther.

A particularly interesting subset of people are those who are now rejecting "government marriage" and instead pursuing only religious "covenant marriage," but I'm leaving that discussion for another day.


  1. Regarding the people who don't want to appear mean-spirited and/or who don't want to open themselves up to public mocking, ridicule, or accusations: lately, this situation is what bothers me the most. I mean, I'm glad they are keeping thoughts to themselves or to their friends, but these are the people (at least some of them), who will eventually change their minds. When the tide changes enough, they will change to fit it, and then they will act like they agreed with marriage equality the whole time. Because they do what's popular. And I will have to find it in me to not resent them for it.

  2. Strategically, I guess silence is good for gays, but I does seem strange when people who generally have quite a few opinions have no public opinion on this particular very large social issue.