Sunday, April 3, 2016

April Snow

I was born during an April blizzard.  This morning I woke up and the sounds from outside were muffled, and when I opened the curtain it was snowy.  LB and I got to the pool under bright blue skies between the snow squalls.  Each hour we've had gray skies and blowing snow, followed by bright sun and no snow.  We are supposed to get a few more inches tomorrow morning.

On Friday she started swimming by herself with no floatation devices.  I knew she was almost there, but she didn't want to go floaty-free, but finally she just went for it.  Every stroke (a dog paddle/treading water hybrid) is hard fought at this point, but she gets it done, so we went back again today.

I just turned on the radio and "Losing My Religion" was playing.  That song always takes me back to one summer I spent in Boston, and every car that drove by was blasting that song out of open windows as I walked through the blowing trash in Allston.  Right now I'm obsessively listening to the Albums "How to Dance" by Mount Moriah and the Margo Price album (total throwback twangy 70s style country).

LB is playing an elaborate game with stuffed foxes and penguins and an easter basket and my laundry basket.  She's begging to go to the "big park" even though it's miserably cold out and she hates the cold and the snow.