Sunday, May 22, 2016

2nd Rate

Rhode Island has low self-esteem, which means Rhode Islanders love articles about how great Rhode Island is and how cool Providence is.  I just read one, and a columnist from the Boston Globe opened with a story about being offered cocaine by a friendly college student in a Providence bar.  Must we always be the local color-or as my friend used to say in college "my life is not performance art."

There are way worse places to live, but sometimes the living gets you down.  A lovely stroll down historic Benefit Street on my way home from work has me clambering over the sidewalk buckled by tree roots, and don't even think about trying that will a stroller.  Our teensy splash pad will only be open in July and August from 12-5 Monday through Saturday, if the city can scrap up the money.  Other places seem like the splash pads run with milk and honey.

But I suppose LB doesn't care.  Her soon to be school feels big to her even if if it feels claustrophobic to me, she gets to go to cool rock n roll birthday parties, pick out Skittles at the corner store, climb the tree in the park, dance to a hipster marching band in the middle of the street, roll slow balls down the candlepin bowling alley and watch the pinsetter handset the pins.

Like Amanda, I don't know where I'm going with this blog.  I miss blogging being a thing, not for the readers, but for the call and response.  But I do like having a place to organize my thoughts.  I just need a scheme to make other people blog again.


  1. I miss blogging and reading blogs. I also miss coherent thoughts. LGBT blogging day is coming up!

  2. Friend, I am right there with you and the blogging. I am trying so hard to hold on. Seriously. I know I will miss it horribly.

    Rock and roll parties?!?! Listen, shitty splash pad or not, THAT is something to revel in. We do not have cool people here like that...if I have to go to one more run of the mill cartoon character themed party, I may scream ;)

    Also, I have been trying to figure out a way to revive blogland for about a year. To the point of annoying bloggers to JUST COME BACK!!!! Life moves on and I suppose so do bloggers :(

  3. Shit, and it's blogging for LGBT families day today! It's too bad that group blogs take so much work and are prone to withering, because in theory that would be great-one blog where we could all talk back and forth.