Monday, June 10, 2013

Now with more COX

Cox Cable that is.  Despite our current financial situation, they made us a deal we couldn't refuse, what with the money we won't spend on Hulu Plus, or episodes of Mad Men on itunes, or B watching baseball in bars.  And now B can cross "having NESN" off her bucket list, and how often does that happen?

When did they stop showing the hometown team's games on network tv?  Even though I'm not really a sports person, it's clearly a sign of the breakdown of civil society leading inexorably to big government peaking at our intimate metadata.  It seems like New Englanders would have been outraged when the Red Sox moved to NESN, but no one I've asked seems to understand what I'm talking about. But, they also don't care that Dunkin' Donuts killed the donut as an American culinary form, so what can you expect.

Hopefully I'll soon be drowning my sorrows over baseball widowhood with a Duggar mega marathon.

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