Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Bits and Pieces

Good speech visit.  ST was impressed by LB's increased articulation, but we're not really sure how or why that happened.  LB wowed with her sorting and stacking skills, even though she didn't like this week's toys as much as last week's.

I loved this article "Why Finnish Babies Sleep in Boxes," from the BBC Magazine.  Scroll down to see a picture of the contents of the box Finnish families receive for baby.  There's also an interesting sidebar about Finnish babies napping outside in the winter.

Amazon is getting into the grocery business, read here.  I'm a little leery of trusting Amazon to be the company store for the whole country, but I think expanded  home deliver of groceries could be a good thing.  Thinking about the food desert issue historically, one of the things that has changed for people is that as cars became more ubiquitous, groceries stopped coming to people.  There must be some kind of efficiency involved in one truck brining food to people? Maybe?

Some 1970s nostalgia-"Brothers and Sisters" from the Free to Be You and Me album.  The first three minutes is kids chatting with Marlo Thomas, then comes the fabulous singing, dancing, and costuming.

The review of Water in the Park, a kid's book by Emily Jenkins in this past Sunday's NYtimes, made me want to buy it.  Austerity sucks!

I have decreed that this will be the Summer of Soup, so if anyone has any good recipes, I love to hear them.

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