Sunday, June 16, 2013

"LB has two dads!"

Or so she told me confidently while reading Todd Parr's The Family Book.  Last week, daycare asked me what they should do about Father's Day cards (card for granddad or gramps), and this week they read books about dads and granddads, so I'm assuming that's where the two dads came from-or maybe LB's been sneaking downstairs for some late night reruns of My Two Dads on our new cable.

Last year we bought LB her first pair of real shoes and encountered the oppressive world of toddler gender norms.  This year, our sales associate was a busy gayboy in a tie who expressed no concerns about our sartorial choices, probably he was thinking about who he was going to meet up with at Pride after his shift ended.  The choices were unfortunate.  LB lobbied for a pair of blister inducing hard leather slippers with a poofy flower on the toe-no.  I was hoping for some a sturdy, closed-toe, sandal in a neutral color.  Apparently that shoe does not exist-this isn't Europe ya'll!  So, B was the winner by default, picking a pair of red, white, and blue Pumas.  They are cute, will clash with everything, and, so far, LB refuses to wear them despite our insistence that they are "kittycat shoes."


  1. Those shoes are wonderful! I hope the kitty cats win out!

  2. After a couple false starts, we went for the nuclear option and sent LB to daycare with only kittycat shoes (which she would not let us put on her feet). B said she wore them at school without complaining, so we'll see how this afternoon goes. Long live kittycats shoes!

  3. Picked up a happy LB at daycare, she wanted to take off her shoes only to knock out the sand, and then put them back on and showed me the kittycats-success!