Friday, June 28, 2013

HomOsexuals on Voting Rights

First some camp:

From Black Girl Dangerous, "Calling in a Queer Debt" here.

Joint press release from a bunch of LGBT advocacy groups in support of voting rights here.

 A report from Transgender Equality on voting discrimination issues for trans people here.

 From the ACLU, "Voter Suppression is an LGBT Issue," here, and some broader analysis from the ACLU about why voter protections are still needed here.

 From the Center for American Progress, "Voter Suppression 101" here. And finally, from The Atlantic, "Why Progressives are still worried about voter suppression," here.

And a VIMEO video from New Southerners on the Ground (SONG) about the importance of organizing across categories.


 To recap: democratic societies must not only allow, but also encourage their citizenry to vote.  Voter suppression has a direct and negative effect on progressive politics.  Voter suppression hurts people of color, particularly poor people and elderly people, regardless of their sexual/gender orientation.  Voter suppression hurts trans people of all races and colors.

Now on to writing to my legislators.  It's great to live in a liberal state, but it makes it harder to motivate to write letters when I know my legislators will vote for the things I believe in even if I don't contact them, oh the burdens of representative democracy.

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