Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Vacation Land

On the ferry

We just got home from a lovely Memorial Day trip to visit my family in Maine.  It was 65 and rainy when we left this morning and 91 when we landed in Baltimore.  It was so nice to see friends and family, and we got to do all kinds of fun stuff including visits to four bakeries.  I also went to the local very small Memorial Day ceremony and parade with my parents.  LB is at a good age to hang out with her grandparents, which is nice, because they are so happy to spend time with LB that they don't mind if Badger and I do our own thing.  Our own thing involved a fancy dinner, some lunches, and some drinks out.

Vacationlanding Badger

Badger tells me that we tried at least eleven mostly local beers.  We also got to take lots of walk and go to the beach.  As a kid, I swam in the ocean from May to October, but as a grown up the water felt awfully cold.
On the beach

LB wasn't quite sure about the beach.  She likes watching the water, but dislikes new walking surfaces including beach sand.  All in all a glorious time.

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