Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Ladybug had her speech evaluation.  At first the therapist said she was just below the 25% delay cutoff and would qualify for services, but she rechecked her numbers and LB came out slightly over the cutoff. At 18 months actual her skills are at a 14 month level, and she would need to be at a 13.5 month level to qualify. I had accepted the reality of doing speech therapy, so it was hard to adjust to the idea of not doing it, but I think we are okay with the way things turned out.  Given that LB's adjusted age is 15.5 months, and her hearing loss (reminder: make appointment with ENT), and the fact that her language has really been increasing in the past few weeks, I think it's fine to wait and see for a few months.  And I am glad that we don't have to try to jam another appointment into our weekly schedule.

We have NICU follow up clinic at the end of May, so we'll see what they have to say.  Hopefully LB will get to be advanced in something besides tantrums and cuteness.  She excels at those like they are her job.

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