Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Hello to all that

We got a Zappos box today, and I realized I've been railing about gender, culture, and children's shoes (excuse me: boys shoes and girls shoes) for three years now.  First it was the shoes of a non-walker.  And then it was the kittycat shoes.

And now all these shoes, mostly from grammy, are getting a little small.  We've pretty successfully avoided pink: there are "beaver shoes" (Oregon State), "Thomas shoes" (I'm not really sure how tweed Toms became Thomas shoes, but I guess they are her most British shoes), shoes that have no name, and "pink shoes." The pink shoes are actually red shoes, and although LB is still a little weak on colors, the pink shoe designation is clearly aspirational.

And so we come to this year's pair of kittycats.  LB reviewed her options and decisively chose these shoes.

Pink kittycats.  When I opened the box, I thought perhaps a flock of tiny princesses would fight their way out.  So far, no, but I'm sure they're lurking somewhere nearby.

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