Monday, May 5, 2014

That's what kind of day it was

My work is on the same floor as a printshop and some artist studios, with with a Mexican restaurant and a gay bar on the first floor.  The sound from the printers is usually noise rock/oompha band.  I'm usually gone before they throw on the techno downstairs, but today being a national holiday it was loud.

But I had a refreshing 2.9 mile powerwalk to end the day, and I let LB dillydally as much as she wanted, and let her walk, and waited while she, excruciatingly, clipped Eyeore into her abandoned stroller.  The walk to get LB takes me up a large hill, and the walk home takes us back down.  As we came down the sun  was obscured by a cloud but the rest of the sky was bright.

LB and I walked through the door and I got to cooking, around 6:30.  Usually we are a dinner-at-the-table kind of family.  LB learned to do a silent grace holding hand from my parents, and now she reminds us if we forget.  But tonight was a eat dinner while sitting on the floor and watching Elmo and Katy Perry sing on a loop type of a night.  And then I looked up and realized we were like some advertisement for the disaffected modern family.  But at least we taught the dog to photobomb, that's got to be worth something.

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