Thursday, May 8, 2014

"Tight t-shirt on a real sweet girl"

Rhode Island has an inferiority complex, apparently we came in last in a poll of state residents who rate their state THE BEST place to live.  Maybe RI isn't the best place to live, particularly for those of us who aren't perched in a Newport mansion, but I still have a little crush on RI.

My childhood New England rests somewhere between The Beans of Egypt Maine and a Wyeth painting, with a dose of Emerson and some Necco Wafers.  I wish Providence had bakeries like Portland, ME, a Northampton juice bar, some Vermont rusticness, and a closer ocean.  But, even without that stuff, Providence is a good town.  It's cute and artsy and has good food and drink.

RI is a cultural junction between northerly New England and New York.  The working class New Hampshire (you don't even have to specify white, because everyone was) accent I grew up with is mostly missing.  Instead you get a little uppercrust northerly New England, mixed with a lot of New York with hints of the DR, Guatemala, Mexico, Liberia, and wherever.

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