Friday, April 19, 2013

Waiting for KittyCat

LB's obsession with kittycats has reached a new high and she is fascinated by the skittish feral cats who live on our block.    Recently her preferred activity is standing on the street looking at the bushes where the kittycats sometimes hide.  Unfortunately this activity is usually proceeded by some period of screaming "kittycat! kittycat! kittycat hide! kittycat bushes in there!" followed by a period of negotiation: "mama doesn't really doesn't want to stand in the rain waiting for a kittycat that may or may not show up." But waiting for kittycat is better than listening to screaming, so we wait.

Providence is no Baltimore.  In Baltimore, 5:00pm is prime time for friendly loitering.  Our residential street was full of people young and old, filled with stories and complaints.  If a kittycat was desired and not forthcoming, a sympathetic neighbor was sure to procure a mangy beast for a toddler's enjoyment.  In contrast, our Providence street was quiet.  We saw one fleeting kittycat, and someone smoking while wrapped in a blue surgical gown (we live near a hospital).

Hopefully as the weather gets warmer, others will join us on watch.

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