Wednesday, April 24, 2013

"because you look so fine/ and I really want to make you mine"

In breaking news, Same Sex marriage bill passed Rhode Island Senate by a wide margin. Easy passage is expected in the House, and the bill has support of the Governor.  B and I must have the touch, first Maryland, now Rhode Island.  If we moved to every state in the Union (and Puerto Rico), do you think they would all pass gay marriage?

Today was a beautiful Baltimore day, sunny and warm, with just enough cool breeze.  My students and I went on a tour of historic West Baltimore.  We saw lovely boulevards and historic homes, abandoned orphanages, vacant homes, schools loud with children, churches, brutalist buildings, housing project with attempts at modernist finishes, and the wide open spaces of urban renewal.  Through it all cherry blossoms rained down on us.

At home, LB got a diagnosis of pneumonia on Monday, after a few days of albuterol induced madness.  She is rallying, but it's not a time that I want to be away from my ladies.  As my time in Baltimore winds down, I find myself at the same hotel where B and I stayed when we first visited the city to look for a place to live.  I'm hoping I'll sleep the sleep of closure tonight.

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