Friday, April 12, 2013

6 hours, 15 minutes

That's how long I was on a plane on Wednesday night.  The flight should take 45 minutes.  We pushed back three times.  But, we did get home.  As I was walking out of the airport I overheard the woman next to me saying "It's the not knowing that kills you!"  And while sitting on a Southwest flight for 6+ hours isn't up there with say, being a Guantanamo hunger striker, it is the not knowing that makes it more painful.

Also, I hadn't brought a book.  I can't believe I didn't have a book-isn't that one of life's first lessons: always bring a book.  But I didn't feel like carrying a book, so I just brought a newspaper and figured that would keep me busy for 45 minutes.  Lesson learned.

Other life lessons from this week: don't be afraid to try.  We have a free family membership to the Y, so I've been meaning to take LB for family swim, but I've been scared.  I didn't want to get all the way there and then have her freak out on the pool deck.  We finally went last week and she LOVED it.  She had no objections and we both had a great time and got some exercise, with the added benefit of better behavior throughout the day, presumably because she wasn't bored out of her mind.

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