Friday, January 11, 2013

LB Update

The good news is that LB knows a new word: puke.  The bad news-she learned this new word after puking copiously in her crib.  She then seemed worried that the mamas were planning to put her back to bed in the puke crib, and closely examined the entire (clean) crib while saying "puke, puke, puke" until she was convinced that it was puke-free.  We are hoping that this is just her usual winter ick of mild respiratory symptoms and postnasal drip that lead to coughing and puking.  I don't like all the reports I've been reading of flu and RSV.  We're lucky that I'm currently in a month of semi-employment, so I can take care of LB without our usual stressed negotiations about who will stay home or made scramble to find care for a sick baby.

Despite being sick, LB has been hard at work today diapering dolls and stuffed animals, making them go night-night, and now giving them all nebulizer treatments.

Yesterday we had our first daycare conference about LB.  The scored her at only 15m for language development.  Eeeep!  According to her teacher, LB doesn't use two-word phrases at school, and wouldn't name object on command for the test.  That information made us less worried. LB does seem less developed in her language than any other toddler I read about on the internets, but she definitely uses a lot of two and even three or four word phrases at home, and she uses a lot of different words.  From our perspective her big issue is articulation, but I do wish she was talking more at school just for practice.  It might be time for another speech eval just to see where we're at.

Otherwise she is doing well at daycare.  She's happy and smiley and gets along with the other "friends."  I had noticed that one little boy at daycare always seems to want to be near her, and her teacher said that the other kids generally like LB and want to be near her.  Definitely good to hear, since at our interim daycare I would always peek in and see LB sitting alone at a little table.

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