Sunday, January 6, 2013

B is for Badger and Brilliant

LB got a couple boxes of magnetic letters and numbers for Christmas, but we couldn't figure out what to do with them since we can't use them on our fridge.  B realized that we could use our heater as a magnetic board (safety features: doesn't get hot and isn't covered in lead paint).  This setup has given LB some minutes of entertainment.

In other inconsequential family news, we made our first trip to the local public library.  It was pretty great until LB started stalking a younger toddler carrying a Cookie Monster doll while yelling "My Elmo!" over and over.  Today she was wearing a novelty bracelet that said "tease," which is either a feminist parenting fail or a provocative commentary on the continuing power of patriarchy in contemporary American society.  B is appalled that the Lumineers sold one of their songs for use in a Blue Moon, aka Coors, aka shitbeer, commercial.  I have still not baked a cake.  Despite having a ridiculously well-stocked kitchen, I seem to be lacking key items for this particular cookbook.  I have no jelly roll pan and no bundt pan.  As Frances the badger would say, "Things aren't very good around here anymore."


  1. I like the safety parenthetical, keeping the shocked and worried comments at bay!

  2. Yeah, I don't want the whole internets waited with bated breath for the next picture of LB sadly holding her burned and bandaged little hands.