Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Bring It On...


It seems fitting that this is my 100th published post.

B, LB, and I have had a very nice holiday season in the cozy house.  My personal fiscal cliff negotiations have not been resolved, but now seem like they will be resolved in my favor (fist shake at University HR).

Now for some resolutions in no particular order:

1) find new job
2) do not undervalue myself during the job hunt
3) network re: new job
4) limit unproductive internet surfing (I actually did a one-week internet fast during lent, and it was amazing how much extra time I had)
5) bake cakes from my new Vintage Cakes book
6) use the free Y family membership we get through B's work (and make sure B has time to use it)
7) more music, more dancing
8) keep blogging
9) write some fiction
10) take swimming lessons with LB (once it gets warmer)
11) have people over regularly
12) spend quality time with B at least a couple times a week
13) enjoy our yard, particularly when it gets warmer
14) let it go (this one is for B and it will be the hardest one)
15) have LB participate in clean up time
16) take a knitting class
17) stay in touch with friends

Today is 1/3 and I've taken a baby step on 1, done well with 9, done okay with 8, not bothered with 15 (although we did well yesterday), and failed miserably at 14 (gave a lady the finger after she went left on green and cut me and LB off in as we crossed at the crosswalk).  Tomorrow is another day.

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