Friday, October 12, 2012

Liminal Space

It's Tuesday, so I must be in Baltimore.  I left the house at 4:30am, and as I was catching the bus up to work at 9:00am I realized I'd already been up for almost 5 hours.  So if nothing I write makes any sense, just keep that schedule in mind.  Getting up at 4 really sucks, and it disrupts B and LB as well.  By the time I get to Baltimore, I usually feel okay, but this is not so fun.

On the upside, I think all this coming and going is making LB much more aware of us.  She seems much more aware of the mamas, and wants to know where we are, and gets upset when we leave.  Not always fun, but so mature. 

Last week we, that is all of us at gate B19 in BWI, watched the debates.  It was an americana moment as we all worked together to figure out how to turn on the sound on the t.v.  Then there was an arriving honor flight (flights of WWII and Korean War Era veterans who fly to BWI to begin tours of D.C.). So the night was spent watching, clapping, watching, clapping, etc. 

Tonight (Wednesday) we are delayed again, waiting for our pilot.  So far I've seen one woman who refused to board her flight as the doors were closing because she lost her pillow.  She lost her pillow because she left it unattended while she went and got food.  Once she found the pillow, she didn't seem to understand why she couldn't get on her flight.  Then there was another unattended bag. 

I don't really mind airports, but my body feels so wrecked from the traveling, and poor sleep, and traveling.

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