Sunday, October 7, 2012

Axes and Fisher Cats, Oh My!

Hell Month is over!  We are all living together under the same, very nice, roof.  Dogs and baby have been transported north, as has a house worth of stuff.  It's such a relief to be settled here, but I have also begun extreme commuting back to Baltimore or one or two days a week, and LB is picking up lots of nice new cold bugs.  Hell Month has been replaced by the mid-level stress that we like to call life.

Providence is a little different than Baltimore.  Sadly, there are fewer feral cats to meet on our walks.  I don't know that I've seen even one outside cat since we've been here.  On our first visit to the farmer's market we saw a man carrying an axe.  Admittedly, he was just taking it to get it sharpened, but still, I think there must be an ordinance against that in Baltimore.  The next day there was report of a fisher cat attack on the front page of the ProJo.  Basically, we're living in the country.

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