Wednesday, October 31, 2012


4:45am.  Lilith Fair mix on the PA system.  Starbucks in hand.  Just shorted the very nice taxi driver (just a little) because I can't do mental math at this hour.  This has been a long month-5 Wednesdays, 6 round trip flights.  Lots of broken sleep and a baby who always knows when I'm leaving.  To much time in anonymous spaces: southwest terminals, public transit, inexpensive hotels (as opposed to cheap motels).

What I'm not doing today: trick or treating with my ladies.

That isn't a true complaint, because we're still lucky, but just a statement of my complete discombobulation.  Hopefully a little girl will wear her dino costume without complaint and I'll get to see lots of pictures.  LB is saying more and more two word phrases.  She is a friendly girl and will say hi to the other parents at daycare and chatter to them about various things including her mama, her stroller (or "ride" she is so urban), and going bye-bye.  At home, she love to make various animals, real and stuffed, go night-night.  Her bear is okay with this game, but our little dog isn't so convinced.

[Dear lord, now they're playing some old Aimee Mann (90s not 80s) on the PA.]

Hungry Dino, who soon became Angry Dino.

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