Wednesday, September 9, 2015

When Last I Left You...

I was missing LB who was off on vacation with her other mom.  Since then LB had her first friend sleepover, we went to the beach a couple times, we took the train to visit a friend in Boston, and did all the usual summer things.

And LB started pre-K, and, unlike other years, seems pretty good with the transition.  The striped dress pic is real first day of pre-k, but since I didn't get to participate, I took my own pictures on my first day bringing LB to her new class.

And, in a true Labor Day miracle, my wonderful friends brought me a receiver and speakers, and hooked the whole shabang up, so that I have music!  I'm listening to some Waylon right now.

Oh yeah, and I had divorce court, which is 15 minutes of my life that I will never get back.  And IT IS DONE, except the processing of the paperwork, which will take another month or so.  And, I went on perhaps too many dates, some of which were very enjoyable.


  1. The hello kitty picture really is the best! Original first day or not, that one would go in the memory book, classic! She is SO CUTE.

    Boo to divorce court, yay to too many dates! Kicking sound system. You need to "entertain" more now ;)

  2. I am too old for all these hijinks! And, I always feel jealous when I see your adventures, but we're doing what we can here in PVD.