Sunday, March 15, 2015


We have something resembling a new home. With thanks to family and friends and coworkers and even B. I got a special bloggy surprise in the mail that is going straight on the fridge. My parent stocked my pantry and fridge straight out of 1935. They are almost boomers, born in 1945, and despite their countercultural years, it shows. They will show up for their daughter's divorce with 20lbs of flour, 10lbs of rice, canned corn, and laundry soap. I love it.


  1. 20lbs of flour and 10lbs of rice?!? Do they think you have moved to a New England refugee camp?!?! Hahahaha! Well, at least you have people that care :)

  2. Yeah, that is how they roll. But I've been making sushi and banana bread, so it's all good as the kids say.