Saturday, January 10, 2015

Want a Valentine's Card? And Miscellany

After the success of project Christmas paper chain, and upon realizing the excessive amount of art supplies building in our closet, and in pursuit of cheerfulness, LB and I are going to be making a bunch of Valentine's card.  If you'd like one and you haven't recently sent me your mailing address to chronicladybug at  

Today I told myself that I'd run if the temperature went over 20, and of course when I looked at my phone it was 21.  That kind of sucked.

On my run I stopped by our local fancy kitchen shop and ordered the present I'm giving myself for my move into a new place for LB and me-that should happen in a couple/few months.

PW protected rants likely incoming, but for now I'll just share that there was someone VAPING on the bus.  Who does that?  It was bad enough that a woman who was actually smoking sat down next to me in bus shelter-but it is Rhode Island and so I expect that kind of thing.  And she did look like she need that smoke more than I need to breathe.  But really, vaping on the bus?


  1. Wow, 21 degrees. That is pretty amazing. (I mean, the phone was probably wrong and it was probably 19.) I can't believe you did that run.

  2. Right, and I was just going by the temp on my phone, not even NOAA, and there was a breeze, so it was probably even colder, and I forgot to use my inhaler before I left, but it mostly felt good to be outside (except for my lungs, which were not that happy).