Sunday, January 11, 2015


All these books, including the ones you can't see in the layer behind the visible books, plus a few more shelves like these.  And the basement full of baby stuff for the 2nd baby we aren't going to have, and the closets full of craft stuff for projects I'm not going to make, and who-knows-what-else tucked here and there.  I took a paycut of about a 1/3rd at my job here it RI.  And it's a good job that I really enjoy, with the possibility of growing with the organization and/or building skills that will make me employable at another org.  But for the present, I make a low professional salary.  So my plan for the next year is to try to find a reasonably spacious 1-bed for me and LB that cost no more than 1/3 of my take home pay.  It's not going to be easy to find, but I've got a few months.  And I really need to pare down our belongings, which is exciting because I feel weighed down by a lot of this stuff, but also hard to give up some of these things that were such a part of my identify-like obscure books on obscure topics in US history.


  1. Oh I envy your ability to purge. I cling to everything. I shamelessly cried last weekend over having to sort through the children's art and craft projects and selecting what went in the memory box and what went in the recycle bin. Fresh place, fresh start. You got this.

  2. It's hard. I was trying to convince myself that I maybe needed to keep a 10 year old pack n' play for any potential visiting baby-but people don't want to put their babies in a grubby old pack n play right?