Sunday, March 30, 2014

Stuff I've been working on

With LB, we've been working on manners and doing our best to model what we want to see from her.  Today she said to me: "After your done with that, could you please get my flower swimmy."  Amazing.  No feral child there.

This week I got an NEH grant. Which is to say, I was the behind-the-scenes person on an NEH grant.  My colleague and friend had the idea and did the bulk of the writing, I did a bit of writing and worked the connections.  Which means, I got an NEH grant (not a huge one).  Every time I think about it I want to laugh manically, because I'm no longer an academic and I got an NEH grant.

I'm out of my cooking slump.  Our fridge looks like healthy eaters live here. 

I made this Cabbage Torta from the NYTimes.  The pastry was excellent, overall very good recipe.

I made this chicken and shallot dish, also from the times.  Pretty good, I might try it again with pork, I wasn't super into the chicken thighs, but the flavor was good. 

I also made Trinidadian doubles, kind of like this recipe, but I do a dough with baking soda rather than yeast.  Delish.

I've also been making granola every weekend, LB is a big help, and eating that in the morning with yogurt.

And my lovely coworker gave me two dozen farm eggs, so we've been eating lots of hard boiled and fried eggs.

That's what's happening around here.


  1. Doubles? You made doubles?!
    When can I move in?

  2. The doubles are pretty great. I use the recipe in Madhur Jaffrey's World Vegetarian cookbook. The bread uses baking powder, not soda like I said above. It's a little tricky because it requires frying the breads in a vat of oil, and therefore two adults: one to freak out that the child is getting much too close to the oil, and the other to say that's ridiculous. I've never had real life Trinidadian food (so sad), but all the recipes I've made at home, I've loved.