Wednesday, March 26, 2014

From the Preschool Files

Yesterday LB woke up in a terrible mood.  She cried and fussed and windged like it was her job.  And as she lay prostrate on the stairs, overcome by the idea of putting on her socks, I said to B, "WHY IS SHE SUCH A HUGE CRAB!"  LB increased the volume screaming "I AM NOT A HUGE CRAP, I AM NOT!"  Awkward.  But, at least she wasn't yelling "Fuck you, and fuck her too" [NOTE: B just expressed concern that gentle readers might not realize that those are song lyrics from a song by the artist CeeLo Green.  Not to worry, we are not cursing each other out here at the cozy house, we are simply singing along to inappropriate pop songs.] or any of the other non-daycare-appropriate phases that are spoken, sung, and yelled around here.

The younger set has gotten hip to the fact that LB has two mommies. Her classmate Allen had a little conversation with me that went like this:

A: What's your name?
Me: Mary
A: Does LB have two moms?
Me: Yes, LB has a Mama and a Mommy.
A: Hank has two moms.
Me: Cool.

End scene

End then today from another kid:

J: What's your name?
Me: Mary
J: Does LB have a daddy?
Me: No, she doesn't
J: Why doesn't LB have a daddy or a sister or a brother
Me: Maybe she'll have a brother or sister some day

And from LB after one of our very few playdates:

LB: Why R has a daddy?
Me: Some kids have a daddy, you have a mommy and a mama
LB: ...and a grammy and a grandad and a Jojo (our dog)

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