Sunday, October 13, 2013

"It's 5 o'clock somewhere"

Or so the radio tells me.  So why shouldn't we be the proud owners of a novelty wine glass that says "Mommy's Sippy Cup"?  This glass was a present for B, which just happened to arrive as as LB has added a three year old's capacity for screaming and hitting to a 2 year old's rage and lack of emotional regulation.  Is it wrong to drink Wild Turkey from a wine glass?

B is off playing softball with homosexuals, while LB and I work through our issues.  We had a successful outing for muffins and coffee, everyone loves a child with messy hair and a stuffed bear, and LB only peed on the ground after we were outside.

Moments of bliss, toddler jokes, toddler kisses, toddler games are interspersed with torturous bouts of screaming.  I was thinking the other day about the lack of lesbian mom/twee perfection blogs.  Which is not to say that lesbians don't have lovely children and homes, and sometimes create etsy worthy crafts, but I can't think of any aesthetically-perfect-parenting blogs by lesbians.  Am I missing out?  Maybe is just that there aren't many (any?) highly monetized gay mommy blogs?


  1. I would love to read some aesthetically-perfect-parenting blogs written by gay women. Alas, I'd love to write one myself but for the lack of anything aesthetically-perfect-parenting about my life! Perhaps some other reader has a gem ;)

  2. I know, in my other imaginary life sponsored by ETSY I could totally write that blog.

  3. I find that More Than Words makes me pretty aware of my inability to make any cute, crafty thing.