Monday, October 28, 2013

Flip this House: Vacants Edition

My parents brought down my old dollhouse to refurbish for LB.  It was made back in the early '80s by a neighbor with a hobby business.  It's been through a few moves and sat in an attic for close to 25 years, hence a busted window and some missing shutters.  It was also very dirty and it has a lot of peeling contact paper on the floors and walls.  I pulled up the attic fake-wood contact paper to reveal real wood!

I'm thinking I'd like to repaint it light blue with white trim and a gray roof like our house, and then do some new paint and paper on the inside.  I don't know what I'm going to do about the missing shutters, it's not like I have a wood shop available to fabricate tiny shutters.  I was thinking maybe I could try to match them with sculpey.  LB is still in destructacon mode, so I'm trying to stay sturdy rather than fussy.  Maybe when she's older she'll want to redo it herself and do the stuff I did, making little rugs and such.


  1. I wish my childhood dollhouse had survived. It almost did but the latest move and storage in a cold outdoor Wyoming garage did it in. I should have take possession earlier! So wonderful that you're getting to refurbish yours!

  2. I think I'm a little more excited that I should be. I'm imagining LB wanting nothing to do with it, and me spending decades making a dollhouse a million times nicer than our actual house.