Monday, August 12, 2013

Preeclampsia Links

Today someone found this blog while searching, "I'm not gay, I just really like rainbows."  Well, all the best to you my non-gay, rainbow loving friend.  Mostly people who come through searching are searching preeclampsia related topics.  Some of those searches are sad like the "when can I see my baby after mag sulfate." (Dear medical professionals, please seek to reunite mother and baby as soon as possible!)  Some sound suspiciously like med and nursing students searches: "what to check for before administering mag."  (Should you people be reading on PubMed and not here?)

From XOJane
"It happened to me: I had pre-eclampsia during pregnancy."
Straightforward discussion of one woman's experience with preeclampsia.  Worth a read.

From Midwife 1010
Okay information, except for the suggestion that dietary choices can prevent or slow preeclampsia.  I see too many women, particularly on natural birth boards, holding out hope that they can cure their preeclampsia with food or herbs as their condition deteriorates.

From Mamalicious in the City
"The Brewer's Diet: Have Some Steak with that Seizure"
This friend speaks my mind.

From BMJ
"Magnesium Sulfate and Preeclampsia"
What my non-medically-trained self got from this article is that mag sulfate works well to prevent seizures in women with preeclampsia, but as with so many medical treatments, it may be overused for women with mild preeclampsia in the US.  In England they use mag less frequently, and they don't have women seizing all over the place.  Mag sulfate sucks, and defensive medicine sucks, but seizures, stroke, potential injury and death would be worse, and the treatment itself isn't without risk.  I guess those are the hard choices of potential over-treatment.  (I hope you med students are paying attention!)

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