Friday, July 5, 2013

Dispatches from the Southern States

There as been a lot of talk since the DOMA decision about the gay inequality enshrined therein.  Personally, I find any gay-state guilt to be a wasted emotion.  The question for me: how do we help our friends and fellow travelers in non-marriage equality states?  We can donate money.  We can share information.  What else can we do?  (non-rhetorical question)

Luckily, the southerners seems to be doing it for themselves.  Last week, I posted a cool video from New Southerners on the Ground (SONG).  The people participating in the WE DO campaign of the Campaign for Southern Equality also seem to be redoubling their efforts to attempt to get marriage licenses, knowing that they will be rejected.  More info here.

Southern activists, I'm proud to know you!

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