Sunday, May 19, 2013

Really Gay Parenting

I'm not sure that my mom realizes that rainbows are a gay thing, but she always manages to buy LB some rainbow items, so rock on my little gayby.

And that's really all the gay content I've got.  It's a good thing, not because B and I strive to be aggressively normative, but because gay is more of a parenting issue when we're vulnerable, and if this moment is not very gay it's because things are going well.

Not-very-gay gay parenting is a luxury I know that we are lucky to experience.  We are blue-state, legally married, fully documented, and dealing with a minimum of state interventions and experts.  It seems like there should be more ways to share the wealth.

After writing this, I opened the paper and read the sad story of the murder of Mark Carson.

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