Monday, May 6, 2013

Just Tell Me I'm Not Lazy

Today I tried to replace the batteries in our flock of SleepSheep, and successfully got one of the flock running again (I know the battery casing needs to be childproof, but, seriously SleepSheep Corp., you are killing me).

I also did five loads of laundry, folded dish towels, did dishes, unloaded the dish washer, weeded a small patch of the backyard, watered some non-weedy looking plants, carried the dog outside and inside three time, swiffered under the bed, made the bed, threw out some old New Yorkers, sent a bunch of emails, prepared to grade papers that I did not actually grade, put documents sitting on the computer in folders, wrote a letter I've been meaning to write, made a list, went to the library, did daycare drop-off and pick-up (that's five miles walking if you're counting), and made soup and popovers for dinner.

And I'm pretty sure that no one cares about any of that stuff except for me and B., maybe the people who received some communication from me after a long period of radio silence, and the couple people I flipped off while walking back and forth to daycare (stop signs, traffic rules people).  So I'm writing this list to remind my almost unemployed self that I am not lazy.  Hopefully my house will be spotless by the time I stop overcompensating.

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  1. You are pretty much the furthest thing from lazy EVER!