Sunday, February 21, 2016

Dorothy Day is my Patron Saint

It's complicated, of course, with her not canonized.  But, then I'm not Catholic.  Dorothy Day: a difficult woman, a single mother, a side-switcher and fellow traveler, a woman with more vision and devotion than sense.

What I hate these days: "lifestyle blogs" I read blogs through bloglovin which I find to be a serviceable blog feed that unfortunately thinks I want to read a bunch of crap blogs that will teach me how to style my blood diamonds and such.  I just made the mistake of clicking on a lesbian mom lifestyle blog, which was the worst: how to spend a million dollars on baby crap so you can achieve just the right look of simplicity.  I have only myself to blame for that click.

I've had occasion to realize how lucky I am to live in this apartment, not only because we overlook the park and the corner store (it is still a bodega if it's owned by moroccans who advertise "Spanish Food!), but because as LB and I walk to Whole Foods on Saturday morning in the other direction is a stream of older people taking their carts and bags to the Saturday food pantry at the storefront church down the street.  And we know how lucky and rich we are in a very tangible way.  Every time someone asks us for a dollar or a bus ticket, I get to have a real conversation with LB about who has and who doesn't have, and what it means to share or not share what we have.

Wordpress: So I have my wordpress site that I use for pw protected posts, but now I can't pw protect because they did some update that took that away.  Therefore you and I were denied a good rant and some adult topicing.  PG version.  I took a 6 month dating hiatus, which got a little complicated and then not complicated at all.

What I've been watching: Formation.  Again and again.  I'm fascinated and I wish I had students so I could make them watch and deconstruct.  Pro: vernacular black history, pop/protest crossover.  Anti: Black capitalism as the path to liberation.

LB: an absolute love even when she drives me crazy.  She's finally wearing a winter coat.  She seems to have more energy lately.  She's writing-her name and then nonsense words, but it's all good.  Among our adventures, we went with friends to a vintage duckpin bowling alley with LB's boldest friend and LB had great time doing some kind of modified running man while bowling very, very slowly.

School pic: this is so LB, smiley and holding back just a little.

Weather: a little snow, a little extreme cold, but not really that bad-thank you higher power. I picked LB up early when daycare closed due to snow, and I had the genius idea of bringing LB home in our sled.  What kid doesn't like a sled?  After standing outside for five minutes arguing about whether she would get snow on her butt, she finally sat down, but whimpered the whole way home.  And of course we didn't have her snow pants, so I'm sure she was cold.

 Holidays: incredibly painful. But LB looked lovely for our fancy Christmas Eve dinner.

 Work: good but stressful.  I had good grant news after busting my ass for weeks and weeks, but some how good news just leads to higher anxiety.  I probably need more exercise.


  1. You do not have to be catholic to have a patron saint. As a catholic, I bestow this right, and whatever privilege that comes with, to you and Dorothy. ;)

    Great recap of life and what not. Explaining the essence of have and have nots is admirable at this age. Well done! She is a cutie for sure!

    Wordpress and no more PW option?!? Seriously? I need to go check that out. It just may be a monumental shift in my blogging :(

  2. I think it was just specific to whatever wp theme I use. It seemed like they had updated some stuff and in the process broken the pw protection feature, hopefully it will not be so for you, cause I want an update.

  3. Mine is Joan of Arc. I'm not Catholic, either, but to I did go to Catholic school. We had a great religion teacher. She told me that some book said mine was supposed to be someone I had never heard of, and I was all, no, Mama says it's Joan of Arc, and she was like, Joan of Arc it is.

    Our closest bodegas are Yemeni and Korean formerly Dominican (I think. I stopped going there much when it changed hands and the new guys didn't know I rated dollar cokes). Still bodegas. Especially if there is a cat.

  4. Yeah, I was complaining about this place because one time the guy charged me $5 for two popsicles, and I'm pretty damn sure that other people aren't paying that. But then I bought LB a treat and he couldn't break a $20, so he just gave it to me. So it's on the CVS model where things cost more but then you get your extrabucks.