Tuesday, August 4, 2015

I miss my Bug

LB is on vacation with her other mom for almost 2 weeks.  Apparently I can deal without seeing my child for 6 days, and then I ache to see her.  I've been keeping busy-work, projects, dates, trips, friends, and for the first 6 days that was good, but now I miss her.

This morning I woke before my alarm.  The sky was dark yellow and there was thunder and lightening in the distance.  I reached across the bed where LB would usually be sleeping, and I would usually re-cover her with her special blanket.  And maybe I would hold her hand, and she would wake a bit and smile at me.  As I got up to put on the coffee, the sky went dark with wind and rain and lightening and thunder.  By the time I left for my morning meeting it was clear and lovely.  All seemed good, until I came upon two giant trees crashed across Benefit Street, and my meeting was canceled and the power was out and the coffee shop was closed.

I miss that little girl, she anchors me to something I can't define.

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  1. Uggghhh! I am sure she misses you too! This post breaks my heart. It is so hard. I am with you, about 5-6 days would be my limit. I would be in the corner crying after that.

    Hope you are at least getting some good dates in, hey?! ;)