Tuesday, July 7, 2015


There's nothing like 5 hours in transit with a little person to show you how much she's grown in the past year.  Regional travel from Providence to Southern Maine with a 4.5 year old was great.  We left on a rainy Sunday and LB managed the walk, city bus, walk, regional bus, regional bus, taxi, ferry, taxi like a champ and even walked on wet ground without complaining.  I wish that we could get all the way to Maine without transferring, but I have only good things to say about Concord Trailways if you are traveling down the Maine Coast.  When they have more people, they put on more buses.  Genius.  On the way home we took the commuter rail from Boston the Providence, which was actually much harder than taking the bus.  I didn't realize what a pain it would be to hustle LB and all our stuff out to the platform and then navigate the stairs on the train.  And I told LB to step across the gap onto the train by herself and then had a moment of terror that she would fall.  But we made it.

My parents kept LB busy and happy in Maine, and she finally seemed to really enjoy the beach.  She also made friends will a little girl staying next door and they were very cute together. We have one bug bite related swollen foot that we are watching, and we took one visit to the island clinic. I got to go into town and see friends and eat noodles, have a drink at fizz, and go to Standard Baking Company and Two Fat Cats.  And my friends also trekked out to the island.  And I walked/ran around the island every day.  I actually feel refreshed.

Our last night in Maine, LB got philosophical and hit me with: "But, will I die someday?" "Will you always be my mama" and "What if a person ate another person." What to say?  I love that little/ big girl.

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