Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Better in 2015

That is my goal and my resolution.  I've already done the kind of resolution-y things I would always resolve to do at the new year and then not do.  I see people I enjoy on the regular and I get regular exercise.  Those are big ones.  I made the doctor's appointments I've needed for years.  I think I'm hitting the balance between working hard at my job and not too hard.  I'm enjoying the company of my daughter and she is enjoying my company.  I know 4 is hard for many kids, but 4 is treating LB great.

2015 will be a year of resolution.  By 2016, I should be living in my own place with LB.  I will be divorced.  Hopefully I will still be running and writing.  Hopefully I will be dating and I will feel like I have a good community.

Where this blog fits in I'm not quite sure.  I'm writing very little here because I've been working on off-line writing projects that are more satisfying for me right now, and also because with everything I write here I need to think about what a family court judge would think.  B and I are both committed to joint custody and co-parenting, but it would be stupid to pretend that I'm not parenting in public on this blog.

(As I write this LB is singing a song she made up about "LB and mommy and mama have family time," what a cuteapuss!)


  1. The approach you have to this upcoming year is inspiring. I love that you seem to have accepted where you are in life and, more importantly, where you plan to be a year from now. That takes bravery.

    Your comment about the blog being "parenting in public" is interesting to me. I truthfully have never thought about it that way. As usual, you've given me something to think on.

  2. Thanks Amanda, I'm trying to hold on to the positive thoughts and actions during the hard times-that is the challenge!