Wednesday, October 22, 2014

"The cold never bothered me anyway": a post brought to you by Wonderful Wednesday

LB has declared herself for Team Frozen and she also has decided that she only wears sundresses despite it being October in New England.  I can't say I've been very gracious about the situation, but I'll admit she's cute.

I bought these Dr. Marten's chelsea boots and I think I'm in love.  These are by far the butchest item of clothing I own, and since I was wearing a pink coat and red shoes and coming dangerously close to twee, that's probably a good thing.  Also I walked three miles while wearing these and suffered only a vaguely worrisome numbness in one foot, no bleeding blisters like back in the day.

Today was blustery, but LB and I got to school and back home okay with only some light rain and strong wind.  Now it's raining like crazy with thunder and lightening and it's very cozy to be in here and not out there.

Sometimes I feel happy, sometimes I feel sad.  This past weekend was great.  I had a friend in town and Providence appointed herself very well.  The weather was lovely, the city was charming, the food was good, and the conversation was excellent.  One of the best things about my current situation, has been checking back into friendships, rediscovering what kind and interesting people I know and how much I enjoy their company.

Thanks for the prompt Amanda

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  1. Butch or not, those Docs look pretty nice!!! Strangely, I am going for a check up tomorrow over a vaguely worrisome numbness in one foot that seems to happen about once a week. Interesting.

    Frozen or not, the kid has style, you have to give her that. I am still offering up Daniel Tiger and company to help address the situation if it gets too precarious ;)