Tuesday, August 12, 2014

If you look at one thing today...

Check out the #iftheygunnedmedown tumblr:


As someone who works with young people and studies young people, it's intense to see the reality that I know, that young people are complicated, they're immature, they're self aware, they're kind, they're hardworking, they like to party and act crazy-to see all of that summed up by young people themselves.

Down with respectability, up with respect for lives.

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  1. I worked 3 years at a juvenile corrections residential facility and agree, wholeheartedly, these kids are young and immature but so so so much more. Some of the kindest kids I have ever had the pleasure of conversing with were ones sitting behind those bars. And time and time again, every one of them had basically had a shitty start to life. I am outraged by these young adults being gunned down for being the wrong color in the wrong place in front of the wrong people. Something needs to change.