Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Now with Vague Blogging!

Being a semi-confessional blogger has its drawbacks.  I share more than some and less than others, but mostly I share about me.  So it is very inconvenient for my writing when someone else's stuff is taking up my mental space.  It's not mine to write about, but writing about something else while my mind is occupied feels fake.  But I need to write they way some people need to run or pray or eat candy.

I think I need to write, even if I can't write about the thing that's on my mind.

So, what else:

I'm reading: Divergent and I like it

Kindness of the week: I took LB to open swim on Sunday, and after power walking in the blazing sun for a mile plus, it turned out the session was cancelled (always call ahead) and we had two hours to wait until the next one, but the very kind woman at the front desk let us hang out in the officially closed kids space.

Transportation woes: Providence is overhauling various parts of the bus system and it sucks.  At my new stop they placed the sign for the stop a half block away from the much celebrated new bench and shelter, and I got a stern talking to for waiting at the bench rather than the sign.

What I'm giving young radicals to read:  Negroes with Guns by Robert F. Williams, and Timothy Tyson's biography of Williams, Radio Free Dixie.  After than we'll get some ladies in the mix.

What I'm drinking: I had a really nice berliner weisse while I was in Maine, and B kindly got me some more when I got home.  We've also been enjoying some gose.  Nice and light and tart.  The one I had in Maine was also only 3% abv, which was perfect.


  1. The need to write is constant for me. I not so jokingly tell my wife all the time that my blog is my free therapy. I cannot imagine the mental state I would be if I did not have it a few times over the last couple of years. However, Vague Blogging sounds kinda hip and trendy. Maybe you are on to some new genre ;)

    PS-The underwater camera is a Fuji XP Tough camera. I love it. I will have to give some details about it in an upcoming blog post as you are not the only one to ask!

  2. Yeah, maybe I need to fully commit to vague blogging. I loved the pool post-trying not to be terribly jealous of both the pool and your local splash park!