Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Pregnancy in the News

Not in our news, which is all of the boring "thinking about trying" and "paying money to store sperm until whenever" variety.

First, it's New York Times official, baby aspirin is a thing for preeclampsia.

The Navel Gazing Midwife is running a series of uterine rupture birth stories.  They aren't easy to read, but important.  This link is to the first post, which talks about the series itself.

Also, I'm reading a very long biography of the Brontes, and Charlotte just died of hypermesis gravidarum.  I had no idea.

And, one bit of older and not-exactly pregnancy news.  Again from "The Well," a statistically small but deadly risk from power uterine morcellation procedures for fibroids.  Basically, the surgery can grind up cancer cells and release them into the body.  Definitely worth discussing with your doctor before having a uterine morcellation, which is offered as a less invasive procedure than traditional fibroid surgeries.

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