Sunday, February 23, 2014

"Do watcha want with my body"

That's what I'm telling google, because despite my best efforts I can't get comfortable over at wordpress.  So here I am.  Dear Google, your stuff is free, it works, feel free to violate my privacy in myriad ways.

As an aside, and isn't everything an aside these days, they play this song a lot at the downtown skating rink that's across the street from the central bus plaza.  The bus plaza blares a rotating list of five classical music pieces (see: broken windows theory). The combination produces some interesting mashups. 

Anyway(s) we've done some stuff while I've been gone.  Some hijinks are halfheartedly documented here.  The rest are as follows:

It's Winter

It was Valentine's Day.  Note that these pics do not include any romantic getaways.

After an extraordinarily rough patch of preschool orneriness, LB is back to her lovely self.  She was dealing with potty training, big girl bed, and new class at daycare all at once, poor thing, and it was not pretty.

My MIL gave me her old iphone 4, ergo I have an iphone.

We saw swans in India Point Park.  They're monogamous!

I will be back soon with some rants that I have been holding in for way too long.

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