Tuesday, September 17, 2013

It's Potty Time (sung in the voice of Elmo's dad)

 It seems like they should sell Elmo underwear at Target, but, at least at ours, they don't.  Instead we have kitties and ponies, which is ridiculous, but we couldn't see buying Spiderman or Cars underwear just to make a point, which was a good call since a young child only wants to wear one particular pair of Hello Kitties. 


  1. The popular ones at our house are old navy day-of-the-week with cartoon monsters. they are nominally boys', but whatever at that age. the other favorite is the fire trucks from osh kosh, but not the others in the pack. i felt like it was easier, online, to find girl ones in patterns, that boy ones were overwhelmingly characters or plain, but perhaps the grass is just cuter on the other side.

    (i'm not a purist on the character thing, but i'm not going to buy ugly underpants featuring characters he isn't even into, you know?)

  2. Oh, I wonder if Osh Kosh has buses, that would be popular around here. Part of our problem was that we promised her a trip to the store to buy underwear, so we had only the options at the actual store. Are there really not enough of us who would buy cute not "Boy" or "Girl" stuff to support that market?