Sunday, March 10, 2013

New School/Old School

Our house, as you can see in the pictures on this blog, is furnished almost exclusively in early century Ikea.  Sometimes it's fun to think that LB will look back at pictures from her childhood that are the stylistic equivalent of dark fake-wood paneling and avocado appliances.

One exception is the little rocking chair we call "the baby electric chair."  The chair was made by my great-grandfather in the 1920s for his children, one of whom is LB's great-grandmother.  My knowledge of hobbyist furniture building in the 1920s is confined to a single book I read in grad school. The little I gleaned from that book suggests that this rocker was part of the Colonial American revival style popularized in the 1920s.  My father and aunt remember playing with the chair as kids, putting it on its front to make a slide, resulting in several cracks in the wood that have been repaired.  Then it must have gone to my cousins, because I first saw it shortly before LB was born, when the rocker was gifted to our little family.

Rocker with Poang

Rocker with child

Side view with repairs

Back with repair
LB picked out this outfit her own self.  She picked pink pants from her pants bin, and then her beloved (hideous) pink Elmo shirt, and then she insisted on adding this pink mock-turtleneck onesie over the existing ensemble.  The ruching on the Elmo shirt gave her some unnaturally big shoulders, which combined with the onesie snapped OVER the pants gave her a 1970s space cowboy look, and she wore it well.

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