Sunday, November 11, 2012

Birthday Girl

A big two year old who is self-actualized enough to refuse to smile for mama.

A few days after birth.
Red cheeks due to illness.

A serious one year old.

It all the Halloween, traveling, visitors, election madness, LB didn't even get a birthday post. However, she did get to spend her birthday with all four of her grandparents, as well as assorted well wishers.  She ate cupcakes and got cool presents.  It was great to have people over to the Cozy House and to enjoy the quotidian life of a two year old.

LB's original due date was January 18, but she came ten weeks early.  That gap consumed our lives for a long time.  I suppose LB's birthday will always be a time of reflection, a time when the word "miracle" gets used a lot.

As a two year old, LB loves puzzles and adult company.  Her nemesis is our old husky.  She has become increasingly territorial with other kids (good times).  She talks a lot, mostly single words with the occasional two-word phrase, and she understands so much.  She loves to play outside.


  1. Happy birthday! As someone who has a fairly hard time seeing grown up people in babies ("oh you look so much like so-and-so"), I always think it's interesting to look at pictures over several birthdays and see that little baby face in a little one year old face in a little two year old face.

  2. Definitely, I was just looking through a bunch of pictures and I also realized that at around 15m, LB went from Ms. Serious to Ms. Smily. I hadn't realized that until I saw the pictures.