Tuesday, August 21, 2012

"We are Baltimore..."

If you live here, you recognize that title from an appropriately cheesy, if completely inaccurate, jingle on the local Fox affiliate.  As we prepare to leave, I feel this need to document our Baltimore.  Below is our late summer, overgrown backyard, and then some pictures of the backyards of our neighbors.  I love it when people have little victory gardens.

Our overgrown backyard and tomatoes in pots.

These neighbors grow strawberries, tomatoes, and lovely flowers.




  1. Oooh yay gardens! I have made my own self-watering planters that yield amazing produce when I care for them. Love seeing other gardens growing!

  2. Self-watering planters sound like something I could get behind! We always have such good intentions in the spring, and then during the heat of the height of the summer we totally lose control of the garden. I love how many people around here grow stuff-there is one guy down the block who is growing a ton of hop vines (I think he does something professionally related to urban agriculture, so he is a special case, but it's still impressive).

  3. http://www.seattleoil.com/Flyers/Earthbox.pdf

    Seriously, they are magic! Of course, this summer I lost control even with the boxes, but I've had tomato plants grow taller than me with my arms extended above my head!

    You can also buy them commercially, but they are pricey, and where's the fun in that?

  4. I think we could totally build those! They might also solve the-can't tear up the landlord's yard-issue. Thanks for the tip!