Saturday, July 7, 2012

Dog Days

It's hot and that is pretty much all we have to say these days.  It's hot and some people have power and some people (still) don't.  Apparently a bunch of nursing homes and assisted living facilities are among the places without power, which seems wrong and scary.  Those without are making do with extension cords and kindly neighbors, sleeping in the basement, and weekends at the beach.  I walked into work this week, in my little used building, and bumped into a Pack n Play.  Someone had had the smart idea to take advantage of the heavily air conditioned little lounge in my building, and was doing some work while her baby napped-a very good idea.
Those were the days.

I do wish we were at the beach, but we are trying to make the best of life.  Today involves the bounty of the farmer's market, baseball on tv, and some fine beverages provided by Badger.  We've being trying to get LB out of the house while it's still reasonably cool, but today she really was not enjoying her forced march around the block.  At times like this it might be nice to have, if not a beach house, then a place in the suburbs and car and easy access to a variety of air conditioned venues where a baby could run around and we could buy stuff.

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