Wednesday, April 18, 2012

She's a walker (kind of)

Ladybug is now 17 months and she has been in PT for at least seven months.  PT has definitely helped, but it is still a slog for her.  She started cruising before Christmas, and she's still cruising.  The good news, according to her PT, is that LB has no major issues.  She has some minor weakness and low tone, but she is gaining strength and has no particular physical problems.  The bad news is that she will not walk.  I told Badger that LB cruises more than a gay man in the 1970s.  To facilitate the transition from cruising to walking, our amazing PT lent us this walker, which will help LB maintain a more upright position while still walking with assistance.

So that is all good, but it is still weird to see her with something that looks like piece of medical equipment, just like it was weird when her PT suggested that LB might need leg braces.  We are just hanging out in this inbetween space between a baby with problems and a baby with no problems.

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