Sunday, April 13, 2014

Lean-In Regret

B is going to be traveling for work, I have an evening meeting, and instead of begging off...I offered to host everyone at my house.  Solves the childcare issue, but now I need to have a presentable home, a number of functional chairs, and a vegetarian main dish.

And, for some reason, daycare deems it appropriate that 3 year olds exchange Easter goody bags!  Because nothing says "He is Risen" like 15 bags of candy.  Blerg.  [But, on the upside, Miss T. taught LB to say "Mama, you look poppin' today," so there's that.]

And I have not completed my taxes.  Recap: worked in three states, first year filing as married, string of expletives about the much increased amount of money we owe the federal government for the privilege of equality.  I'm shaking one fist and give Obama a big side hug with my other arm.

Somehow this has got to change to something much better within the next 24 hours.


  1. We'll see if this blog plays nice with myphone....

    I say leave that tricolor mat out. Reclining meeting sounds wonderful. If you'll also be eating while lying down, provide sheets for a toga party. It'll be the meeting of the year!

  2. You have opened a new world of possibilities! We can meet while each clutching a stuffed friend, we can act out fiscal strategies with lego people, we can fight over who gets to ride a creepy singing dino (somehow we used that dino all last summer, left it outside over winter, and just realized that it actually makes noise).